National Museum of Folk Architecture

The National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine and TOP PROJECT signed a memorandum of cooperation about digitization of objects of cultural heritage of Ukraine.
This was reported by the correspondent of Ukrinform.

The director of TOP PROJECT LLC and the author of the StandByUkraine project, Vlad Tiunov said that the signed memorandum of cooperation foresees in the future the digitization of all buildings on the territory of the museum, as well as the reproduction of their 3D models and display it in augmented reality.

According to Anastasia Kolodyuk, deputy general director for cultural and educational activities of the museum, cooperation with the TOP PROJECT team began precisely with the oldest antiquities that cannot be evacuated.

“The first thing we agreed on will be the digitization of the iconostases of the museum, which are the most difficult and longest to evacuate in wartime, because they are mounted icons. Therefore, our director Oksana Starak-Povyakel asked us to take this moment into account and start with the oldest iconostases of the 16th, 17th, and 19th centuries. We have also already started working on the digitization of our house from the village of Samara (1587), which is considered the oldest example of wooden architecture in Europe in general,” she said.

The creation of three-dimensional models of Ukrainian antiquities, according to the signatories, will contribute to their preservation and at the same time solve the task of reconstruction, since “digitization is a full-fledged 3D model with dimensions 1:1 and with all details and elements.”

Currently, the deputy director of the museum emphasized that modern technologies will help attract people who cannot visit the museum to Ukrainian culture, as well as interest children, who “perceive almost everything through the smartphone screen.” That is why, as Tiunov noted, the digital world can be a gateway to the real world, but it cannot replace it. “Even the smell in an ancient church or houses – it cannot be conveyed through a number. Digitization is an opportunity to supplement and preserve culture for popularization,” he emphasized.

Link to news source “Ukinform”

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