Finished 3d modelling and reconstruction model of ancient Kyiv of the X-XII c.

3D detailed reconstruction of the model of ancient Kyiv of the X-XII centuries – which reproduces: planning, architecture, social and geophysical topography of Kyiv of the pre-Mongol period as a part of the project StandbyUkraine for saving and digitization Ukrainian heritage of TOP PROJECT company. The head of the project is Vlad Tiunov, 3D computing, modeling and texturing by Vitaly Yevsovich, managing partner is Diana Hrynyuk This model is now exhibited in the northern gallery of St. Sophia Cathedral. According to scientists, the area of Kyiv in the XII century was about 400 hectares. According to researchers, up to 50 thousand inhabitants lived in the city. In terms of population, Kyiv was the second city in Europe after Paris.

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